The Future of Technology: Giving you Full Control and Freedom of Choice

When the world was thrown into disarray with a global pandemic, organisations were given a loud wake-up call to prioritise the gaps in existing business models and embrace that change is necessary. It also became apparent that many existing corporate technology infrastructures were ill-equipped to handle emerging trends in the business landscape; despite digital transformation being "well articulated" even prior to the pandemic. What was more alarming was that the very systems that were meant to help businesses pivot themselves in a changing digital world, could at times take up to months or years to fully integrate into one’s business. As such, adapting to the needs of the rapidly changing business landscape often proved to be risky, costly and time consuming.

But this should not be the case.

With Dedoco, I saw a unique opportunity for us to challenge the status quo and push the industry towards what we envisioned the future of technology to be like: flexible, scalable and highly dynamic. We wanted to give organisations full control and the freedom of choice when it came to choosing their technology stack. Trust has always been important for businesses, but more so than ever before, businesses today need to be assured that the technology they are using truly benefits them — and not work against them.

Moving forward, the role of technology leaders will also continue to be increasingly important. In fact, a recent report by Deloitte and WSJ Intelligence found that 50% of CEOs said their CIO or tech leader will be the driver of business strategy. As such, businesses need their technology leaders to be resilient, agile, and future-focused. In my conversations with numerous business leaders and owners talking about their technology journey, many have regretted investing in costly, complicated and unwieldy systems at some point in time. Because when it does not work out, they have already invested a six to seven-figure sum that they cannot get back or get out of an agreement with. Companies inevitably feel locked in, disempowered or penalised for undergoing digital transformation.

Starting Dedoco in the middle of a pandemic also means that we understand what it takes to thrive, and not just survive. And how we can also be a close partner to our customers and support their digital and technological endeavours – without them breaking the bank. The world is already moving away from heavy, complex centralized systems, where many were designed to be closed-loop, system-centric and needing users to “fully onboard onto their systems”. Dedoco, on the other hand, is on the anti-thesis of this: to deliver an enterprise-grade, integrable solution with quicker time-to-market, easier scalability, meaning businesses only pay for what they use, and with reduced risk.

After all, the future of technology is about giving you full control and freedom of choice.

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