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Make Digital Trust Your Competitive Advantage

Trust is a verb.

That's why the Dedoco Data Trust Platform is the premier choice for businesses looking to establish verifiable assurance for their documents, communications, and systems.

As an industry leader in digital trust technology, Dedoco helps businesses embed trust across their brand, people and processes. Delivered without compromise.

Start your journey today, with the Dedoco Data Trust Platform.

What Dedoco can do for your business

The Dedoco Data Trust Platform

Powering a fully integrated suite of digital trust products and custom solutions

Now businesses like yours can leverage Dedoco's range of out-of-the-box solutions, including Ping by Dedoco, d:Sign, d:VideoSign, d:Cert and d:Forms. All built with an unwavering commitment to delivering trust where it matters most. Across every interaction.

Needing some customisation? Our Trust Orchestration capabilities are tailored to meet your evolving needs. Take the first step to becoming a trusted Enterprise today with Dedoco.

What we support

Omni-channel verification platform
Trust building solutions for digital workflows
Helping orchestrate trust across business operations
to innovation


Helping drive engagement and eliminate impersonation

Ping by Dedoco brings verifiable trust to your text-based messaging, email and voice communication. Now you can protect your customers and brand from impersonation by providing assurance-as-standard. Delivered seamlessly across the channels that drive digital engagement.

Why Ping

Verification is our foundation, not a feature.
Built for lightweight implementation, Ping does not need to store message content or call data and can be deployed quickly across cloud, on-prem, and mobile infrastructure.
Ping delivers both real-time customer assurances and automated analysis and takedown of impersonation threats, supplementing existing cybersecurity measures.
Designed with user experience in mind, Ping is the only solution to make message content and calls verifiable across all digital customer interactions - no matter the platform


AI-powered document solutions for Enterprise

Dedoco offers a suite of secure apps that embed verifiable, digital trust as standard. Including digital and video signing, digital certificates and secure document workflow. Power and protect business-critical transactions with Dedoco's document solutions.


Build trusted business workflows your way

Dedoco's Trust Orchestration capabilities allows you to link evidence and deliver real-time verification across your most important documents, communications and systems. Digitise securely, leverage insights and track what matters using Dedoco's next-generation technology stack today.

delab consulting illustration

Our consulting services can help identify, develop and deploy value-driving solutions across your entire business.

Ideal for: Enterprises looking to orchestrate trust across multiple systems and use cases.

delab ecosystem illustration

Our research and advisory services can help unlock blockchain opportunities, helping seize emerging trends.

Ideal for: Businesses looking to explore specific blockchain and Web3 use cases.

Why Dedoco

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Increased Trust
Embeds trust in your brand, people, and workflows, improving customer confidence and loyalty
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Plug and Play
Integrates with any existing systems, eliminating the need for any replacement of current system
2 purple arrows circling each other with circles around them
Customizable Solutions
Customised for your specific needs for enhanced efficiency and cost effectiveness
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Modular Adoption
Solutions designed with modular & incremental functionalities, offering easy adoption & seamless integration
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Improved Compliance
We help businesses comply with regulatory requirements and ensure data residency and privacy
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Enhanced Efficiency
We can help you save time and reduce costs by streamlining workflows and reducing manual intervention

Everything you need to create, connect and embed digital trust across your entire business operations

Cross-System Orchestration
Bridge multiple processes and systems with our next-generation capabilities, verifying end-to-end workflows through simple API calls.
Our embedded verification technology builds assurances across the most business critical communication channels.
Verifiable Business Outcomes
The Dedoco Data Trust Platform ensures the integrity of data through secure, scalable and measurable trust technology for business transactions.

Secure as Standard

Dedoco is committed to protecting what matters most, your data. This unwavering dedication has earned us a number of globally-recognised accreditations and certifications, including CSA Star Level 2, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27017, ISO 27018.

Dedoco has brought digital signing out of the dark ages.

James Croyle
Partner dev. Manager, Microsoft

Dedoco's solutions have greatly enhanced our customer experience and relationship.

Jared Low
Financial Planner, AXA Insurance

With Dedoco, we have streamlined our workflow and built clients’ trust by providing a secured solution for them.

Marcus Chu
CEO, ERA Realty

GovTech is delighted to partner Dedoco, to provide secure digital signing capabilities for all Singpass users.

Kwok Quek Sin
Senior Director, GovTech SIngapore

When signing a valuation report, Dedoco allows for seamless compliance and efficiency.

Sam Lee
Partner, Paloe Finance

How to get started?

Whether you want sign with confidence, email with assurance or simply explore how digital trust can help elevate your business operations, let’s take that first step together.