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With Dedoco, businesses can streamline their document workflow on a decentralized platform. Documents are digitized through real-time security verification and authenticated on the blockchain for the highest degree of transaction integrity.
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Change the way you manage documents

Contracts and agreements are crucial to effectively conduct a business. 60 – 80% of all business transactions are governed by contracts or agreements one form of another, particularly across finance, IT, legal, purchasing, sales, operations and HR. Dedoco’s robust technology ensures integrity, immutability, and safeguarding of records.
No Data Store
Data is not stored on servers, maintaining document security and data privacy​.
Facilitates integrations, and supports go-to-market strategy for reach and scale.
The document is protected and verified with version control, ensuring that it is true to its source throughout its entire lifecycle.
Open Connectivity
Autonomous management of drives, storage, systems, marketplaces, productivity, and automation tools.
Authenticity & Verifiability
Verifies the provenance of the document by creating an audit trail and chain of custody.
Next-Gen Technology
Fosters a more robust and flexible infrastructure for companies capitalizing on Web 3.0.

Why Dedoco?

No Data Store
No data is stored with Dedoco, ensuring document security and data privacy​.
No Data Store
No data is stored with Dedoco, ensuring document security and data privacy​.
No Data Store
No data is stored with Dedoco, ensuring document security and data privacy​.

An open API platform

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Verifiable Documents
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Trusted by more than 140 companies

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Get ready for the next-gen. Push the limits with Dedoco’s APIs. Unlock the power of secure, fast, flexible APIs. Dedoco’s API is here to help you connect to a world of ​transparent, compliant document solutions. Simplified.​
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Trusted by brands across various industries

Trusted by more than 140 companies

GovTech Singapore

“Today’s digital economy necessitates more flexible and secure solutions that can benefit everyone – from enterprises to individuals. GovTech is delighted to partner Dedoco, to provide secure and convenient digital signing capabilities for all Singpass users. We will continue working with industry partners across sectors to create offerings that improve digital service delivery and productivity gains.”

Kwok Quek Sin
Senior Director of National Digital Identity


“I’ve seen that the team at Dedoco has brought the business of digital signing out of the dark ages with their smart document technology. Now as a Microsoft partner they have tapped into the most powerful ecosystem on the globe to bring their clients an incredible eSigning experience. Millions of organizations around the world are looking for ways to transform their business.”

James Croyle
Partner Development Manager (ISV)

ERA Singapore & APAC Realty

 "The advent of proptech technologies in ERA has helped increase the productivities of our trusted advisers while sharpening their competitive edge. As the first in Singapore’s real estate industry to adopt this digital signing solution from Dedoco, we have successfully streamlined our workflow and built clients’ trust by providing a secured and convenient solution for them.This is also in alignment with ERA’s vision to provide evolutionary solutions and services to clients.”

Marcus Chu

Wee Swee Teow LLP

“As we digitize our documentation and review our processes, a major concern has always been ensuring the security of the signing processes and the authenticity of digital documents. Dedoco’s solutions seek to address these concerns. Such solutions will certainly enable us to be creative about how we can benefit and support our clients and stakeholders in our work.”

Lee Soo Chye
Wee Swee Teow LLP

Secretary at Food from the Heart

“Dedoco's data privacy and document security features are essential for safeguarding clients'confidentiality and sensitive information. I believe legal professionals can understand and reap the benefits of using Dedoco.”

Dr Knut Unger

Recruiter Pal

“Dedoco’s e-signing solution enables us to extend our platform’s capabilities for our clients that are looking to digitalise their recruitment process - with the added feature of “Sign with SingPass”, clients can also look forward to verifying the signers while ensuring the security of the signing process.”

Christine Liu
Head, Partner Acquisitions

Paloe Finance

With remote work increasingly being the norm, it has become more difficult to distribute and sign documents. Dedoco makes it much easier and convenient for me to process especially important documents. In situations such as signing a valuation report where it is essential to verify my identity and signature, Dedoco allows for seamless compliance and efficiency as a result.

Sam Lee
Partner, Corporate Finance & Advisory

AXA Insurance

As a financial adviser, a fellow practitioner can understand the pains and to what lengths wego through to get our customers to complete and sign our forms. Oftentimes, our customers do not know where to sign, do not have a compatible device or software to sign on, or simply have too many pages to sign.

Jared Low
Financial Planner


"The integration of Dedoco on the DiMuto Trade Platform adds an additional layer of trust in our trade solutions. The document verification helps our global customers to verify the integrity of critical trade documents in their daily import-export business." 

Gracia Yuwono Kwantalalu
Headof Tech Ops

Funding Societies

“In our business, fast turnaround is crucial in providing financial access to SMEs. Concurrently, we cannot compromise on security and key checks. As a FinTech, our touch points with the customers are primarily digital, and Sign with SingPass through Dedoco’splatform further enhances that journey

ChuaCheng Zhan,
Funding Societies
Trusted by more than 140 companies